The idea

SOMA (Smart Media Management for Social Customer Attention) is a corporate tool that let companies improve the management of customers’ data interactions on social media and integrate it with their existing CRMs.



Relationship management is entering a 21st-century renaissance. Business is recognizing the value of the human connection and the need of authentic and relevant connections more than ever. With more and more customers participating in social networking, companies are integrating social media into their customer service channels. They have thousands of followers that directly leave feedback, complain and/or questions. Companies not only need to respond fast but also to interact with their customers; it is not enough to post from time to time.

First of all, SOMA will provide a more efficient way to manage customer’s interactions by analysing comments in social media in order to detect questions, complains and concerns and to automatically provide fast, efficient and accurate answers.

Besides that, SOMA will categorize influence customers regarding each product or brand by using a combination of linguistic and non-linguistic descriptors.

Also, SOMA will facilitate a link between existing companies CRMs and SOMA customer’s database in order to centralize all the customer’s interactions and information.5

The main project result will be a corporate tool that will facilitate a more comprehensive use of the social media corporate channels between customers and companies. As a result, companies will improve their customers’ attention management by using smart innovative technology. This service not only will improve clients’ satisfaction, but it wills also keep track of any information exchange from both sides. Moreover, based on what can be inferred from the social networks (e.g. conversations, interests, social engagements and emotions) the system will be able to identify influent users for a specific marketing campaign. It will be implemented in English, French and Spanish languages.


Market Situation

Social CRM, a popular concept

Ever since –especially from 2013 on– the concept of Social CRM has begun to be openly discussed. In this sense, there are many contents in reference blogs about business management, new technologies or marketing which describe the concept of Social CRM along with business aspects for organizations or specific departments.

In some cases, it is presented as an extension of channels to provide customer service. The client can sometimes be known not only from the company’s trade relations, but also from all the interactions on social networks including knowledge within enterprise systems in order to provide a better value proposition, increase the chances of sale, achieve greater customer loyalty and, therefore, increase the company profits.

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