Strategic Attention Management, S.L.
SAM is a Spanish SME based in Girona and is one of very few R&D companies in the region dedicated to develop applications in the fields of Recommender Agents, business ecosystems (DBE) and Artificial Intelligence solutions such as natural language processing and social search applied to e-government, marketing and loyalty systems. SAM has been involved in several R&D projects in the field of social search, web 2.0, and CIS systems and is a trustworthy partner at the national and international level.


RocaSalvatella, S.L.
RocaSalvatella is a digital strategic consultancy created at 2007 with offices in Barcelona, Madrid in Bogota. RS team has an average of over 15 years of experience at large corporations and backgrounds in management posts with top responsibility.
 They are experts in the digital transformation of businesses. Digitization affects every economic sector across the boards, creating new relationships, new opportunities and even leading some industries to redefine their business models. Understanding digital changes, their tempo and pace, and their consequences is critical for the future of all organizations.


VISEO Technologies
Viseo is a French company specialised in information systems which groups together different entities: Viseo Technologies dedicated to architecture, mobility and software development, Viseo BI dedicated to business intelligence, Viseo Solutions dedicated to information system and ERP. Recently Viseo acquired Novedia specialised in digital marketing. 
Viseo provides its customers with consulting, integration and software development for all the different facets of their information systems.
Viseo employs 1000 persons and has sites in France, Germany, USA, Morocco, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Consulteer AG
Consulteer is a Swiss based and locally well-established IT Boutique Company. The company’s experience covers the full software development cycle including business analysis, requirement engineering, project management, software development, testing and integration. Its customers are corporations and SMEs in the telecom, finance, pharma, energy and public sector. Consulteer is positioning itself as an innovator of Big Data solutions in Switzerland and has successfully implemented prototypes of centralized logging systems and social media analysis tools.

Consulteers’ core business is IT consulting which encompasses the full software development lifecycle including business analysis, requirement engineering, project management, software development, testing and integration. They advise SMEs and corporations in the telecom, finance, pharma, energy and public sector and develop tailored software solutions for them.


New Project

New Project Networking (NPN) is an Innovation Technology consultancy that helps businesses succeed with innovation and the latest technology trends and developments with strong web development needs. NPN is a SME based in Sant Celoni (Barcelona). It is a stable, reliable, and internationally experienced company able to manage challenging research and development (R&D) and innovation projects.
NPN is part of lnfoself Group, a group of companies specialized in the sector of the communications and Information Technologies. Since 1995 lnfoself Group helps its clients understand the opportunities that technology offers and to transform them in ideal business development or achieving higher productivity with the optimization of resources.
NPN regularly collaborates with research centers and companies to develop and provide solutions for research and development in the field of industrial computing and intelligent Information Technology and Communication with Customized ICTs services, and Social Networking: this includes communities, social search, sentiment analysis, opinion mining. Social Media provide a vast amount of information identifying stories, events, memories that shape people’s life. NPN combines the use social networks with digital preservation technologies and social search.