On July 31, 2017

July 2017: SOMA’S coordination meeting

In July 2017 SOMA’S partners met for the coordination meeting.

Main objectives and blocks for the season were:

➢              Project status explanation & 2017 calendar

➢              Each partner explained their 2017 deliverables and their plan for this year

➢              Teamwork, which was a Technical debate about enriching the CRM tool, interfaces, API, integrations etc

➢              Coordination about next meetings, etc.

On this occasion, RocaSalvatella Company hosted and welcomed the SOMA consortium in their offices in SantCugat del Vallès

Meeting was really successful for the project progress and the team discussed about some interesting topics about SOMA.

We spoke about:

➢              Social media crawler

➢              Coordination between partner for integrations, in order to achieve a successful result

➢              Tool interfaces

➢              Search: Per profile/keywords

Main milestones until November will be:

-Influencer Plugin

– Categorisation


– Final API

– Integrations

-Video about the tool

– Some customer test

-Some dissemination actions

At the end of the meeting, consortium agreed to hold a technical meeting once a week until the end of the project in December.


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