On June 20, 2016

Open innovation meeting “Futur en Seine”


Viseo Research and Innovation presented on June 9 and 10, at the open innovation meeting “Futur en Seine”, the influencers detection module developed within the framework of the SOMA European project. SOMA focuses on enriching CRM systems with information coming from social networks.

The objective of Viseo was to identify interested beta testers of the SOMA platform in which the influencers detection module is integrated.
This module analyses free text contained in social networks and forums along with structural data in order to automatically detect potential influencers.

During these two days, Domoina Rabarijaona and Kevin Deturck, from Research and Innovation team of Viseo technologies demonstrated over a hundred times the influence detection module.

The visitors proposed different use cases that would be of interest for them:

  • Identify people to be followed in order to disseminate information on a given topic.
  • To know what people discuss regarding competitors.
  • Make timely reports for market research.
  • Prospect potential customers.
  • Observe social network activity for a political personality.
  • Analyze an enterprise social network.

Different visitors volunteered to be beta testers of the presented solution. This includes companies in the cosmetic or banking domains, CRM publishers and companies specialized in digital marketing and social media.

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