On April 18, 2016

Improve your efficiency by automating responses in social media

SOMA is a smart Social CRM, so, is a program able to provide a better customer attention giving an automatic response to comments on social networks once analyzed.

In this article we want to speak about one of its practical functions, response automation on social networks.


What is automation response on social media?

Automatic response through social media refers to the programming patterns of response in the interactions that users do with profiles of the brand.

SOMA includes the creation of a corporate contact center connected to company’s social media and its CRM. SOMA is able to collect comments, questions or complaints generated by brands’ customers and gives an automatic response, taking into account semantic aspects and subjective opinions. Thus the work of the community manager is automated and greatly improves efficiency.


Advantages and disadvantages of automation of response on social media.

Automate responses in social networking has advantages and disadvantages. So let’s look at a summary of these:

Advantages of automation

  • Save time and be more efficient.
  • Being more present in the community.
  • Make your message more consistent.
  • Eliminate the necessity to be aware 24h to respond to the community.


Disadvantages of automation

  • Loss of freshness and naturalness.
  • Danger of providing wrong answers.
  • Disregard comments should have a deeper management.

In addition to this interesting functionality, SOMA project is presented as the solution to sort unstructured information provided by social media. It’s been designed to be a tool for extracting data from social media, knowledge extraction, sentiment analysis. SOMA is also capable of giving automatic answers and it’s been created to provide new and valuable information to companies, which could improve their strategies and plans for improve customer satisfaction, at a time when they are increasingly demanding and also have a voice and speakers thanks to the internet.

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