On March 31, 2016

March 2016: SOMA’s coordination meeting in Grenoble

In March 2016 SOMA’s partners met for the biannual Personal Coordination Meeting.

The goal of this meeting was to put in common the project’s state, discuss some unsolved issues, plan the actions for the following months, know better each other, improve relationships between partners and enjoy the project development.

On this occasion, the company VISEO hosted and welcomed the team in their city and their facilities. They were awesome hosts.

During the meeting on the 31st of March, the team argued about the development of SOMA.

  • We spoke about the final architecture design and the integration.
  • We also discussed about the emotion detection & semantic analysis and how to improve our first version.
  • Moreover, we spoke about how we are developing the influencer detection system based on the non-linguistic resources.
  • We talked about the automatic response for user’s attention and how to prioritize the messages.
  • To finish, we presented the dissemination of the project during the last months thought different channels.

It was a fantastic day and the next Coordination Meeting will be at the end of June by Skype.  The next face to face meeting will take place in Barcelona, and ROCASALVATELLA will be the host.

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