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The Importance of Social CRM in sales process

One of the challenges for B2B companies is managing all customer information and the relationship they have with their values ​​and data. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) continues to be a very important competitive advantage in a mature market. This advantage could differentiate ourselves from our competition.

That is why the Social CRM has become necessity for companies that want to create new relationships with customers, potential customers and Prospects.

Social Media Networks offer the possibility of multiplying the volume of data that companies previously got from their customers and audience. There exist a new way of talking with customers and exchange information. It allows to create a more personal relationship through monitoring the contacts we have and getting constant feedback.

Moreover, it’s possible by using Social CRM, to identify potential customers and prospects who know our company or services, create custom content to increase the proximity and attract them.

Companies do not know how to handle this volume of data, many services offer the possibility to measure or monitoring this information without success. That’s why we show you 10 keys to be clear about what the Social CRM offers to the companies to understand its importance and how you can apply it to your company in a successful way:


  1. Identify new business opportunities for sales channel.

Social CRM allows to identify business opportunities in our audience. Social Sales are a reality in business, we can find new business opportunities, waiting for the ideal moment to talk with potential customer and capture Leads through social networks.

Marketing and Sales department needs work strongly together to have a constantly updated with results data. This allows the companies understand their audience and improve their communication and sales.

What works? Does it work as it has to? Companies are in a unique position to act quickly and take advantage of social media to build new and longer relationships. We can capture the conversations of the industry and sector in order to track and respond to market needs and perceptions.


  1. Reduce negative feedback of the company and benefit from the experience.

We’ll discover the negative side and unfavourable opinions of the company. This will give us the opportunity to repair and improve the online reputation.

We’ll be able to scan and respond quickly to negative comments from our customers. Also attend to users’ negative feedback in order to prevent viral effects in social networks that may affect our sales.

Not everything find about a company in Social Media Networks will be positive, so if companies have a system to reduce possible dislikes about their brand or services, they will gain much more than brand image.


  1. Attend existing customers, potential customers and Prospects.

Companies will detect segment doubts and questions that will allow them to offer solutions to each of those needs. Directly or by suggested content.

Social Network is the feedback channel to see if the decisions we’re taking are correct and if we’re giving proper service to the community.


  1. Monitoring communication campaigns through social networks.

It will be possible to know the impact that communication campaigns are having in real time and make changes in the message sent by the constant feedback that Social Media Networks have.

Smart companies track the impact on Social Media and the behaviour of their audience. This will allow the generation of business opportunities and improve the ROI as long as they are able to align Social CRM with the different departments of the company.


  1. Personalize and segment campaigns.

The amount of information that we’ll get from the customers, potential customers, prospects and stakeholders allows us to create customized messages based on their profile. We will be able to be very precise at segmentation due to the amount of information we got.

The challenge is knowing how to interpret the data to improve company’s effectiveness and communication. Engagement must be generate though social networks by growing the audience, making content go viral and generating more leads.


  1. Create new and improved experiences.

We, as a company, must ask ourselves what customers want from us. By Social CRM we can find out. Now companies can create and offer a unique and new experience between business and customers.

Even in times when the services of the company cannot solve customers’ needs, they will create a trustworthy climate so that, in future, customers take our business into account among their options when hiring a service.

Experience always lasts longer in the memory than any ad for a particular benefit. Therefore companies must use the Social CRM to create and customize new experiences.


  1. Attend quickly customers’ potential customers’ needs.

Customers demand service in real time and companies can use social media to make a difference. This will help B2B companies to increase their reach and strengthen relationships with existing customers and prospects. The use of Social Media will enable to build more dynamic relationships with their environment.

Companies must respond quickly to the customers’ and potential customers’ needs. The automatic linking of customers’ profiles will allow the company to quickly learn about their interests, challenges and needs with no further investigation.

  1. Task control.

Social CRM allows the company to have better control of their time and control every one of their tasks. We’ll be able to control our sales department and know what results every action is having. This way we could calculate the success of each of our actions before carrying them out.

Companies could focus better their selling’s department to achieve greater success. Also they can see how much time were dedicated to each of their customers and potential customers to see if they’re being profitable.


  1. Updated information in real time.

Companies must understand that Social CRM is something in constant change. Data is updated and changed every second, therefore we’ll have updated information in real time to decide our next actions.

This way company will know if they need to invest in advertising at a precise time, start social media networks or emailing campaigns to capture the attention of their prospects and customers.

Companies will be able to see each of their customers and potential customers in a differentiated and customized way. This will allow them to be more successful when contacting customers. The strategy will be much more effective.


  1. Extensive Social Knowledge.

Sellers can quickly get an idea of customer preferences and individual behaviour with one click. Accessing public social networks’ profiles and activity streams. In these cases, Social CRM will become a more important tool for companies to adapt to the new business environment with social relevance.



Social CRM and marketing automation is gaining importance in our society. This is directly affecting the way companies sell.

logo-somaSOMA is a tool designed to enhance the Marketing and Sales department, through a better understanding of who are the people who interact with the company. Helping companies to improve their business intelligence through integration the unstructured data from social networks with other information available. This way, a successful strategy and deeper relationships with customers and potential customers will be achieved, allowing to create win-win relationships.

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