On August 17, 2015

SOMA, a European project to help companies manage social networks in conjunction with databases, kicks off in Girona

Four European organisations are taking part in the project financed by EUROSTARS, a transnational programme

Wednesday, 25th of March. SOMA (Smart Media Management for Social Customer Attention) is a project whose main goal is to enable companies expand the information they have about their customers by incorporating data from social network interactions. This involves developing and implementing an innovative technological tool.
SOMA is a project in which four European organisations have come together under the umbrella of a consortium specially created to develop the initiative. The project involves Strategic Attention Management and is based at the University of Girona’s Science and Technology Park; RocaSalvatella, a strategic consulting firm specialising in digital transformation with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Bogotá; VISEO Technologies based in Grenoble (France), and Consulteer, a Swiss firm.
The project will work on developing its own technology incorporating aspects that differentiate it from other digital solutions currently available in the market. The consortium will also work on instruments to integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management), research and detect opinion leaders’ comments on social networks, and multilingual semantic analysis.
SOMA fired the starting pistol on 19 and 20 March in Girona with presentations by all of the project’s participants, an explanation of the technologies and development tasks to be handled by each partner, and overall management of the project.


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