Smart Media Management for social customer Attention

An integrated tool to monitor and automatically deal with user’s complaints and interactions in social networks pages, and link this information with existing CRMs. Three advantages are envisaged:

  • all users’ information will be centralized
  • it will provide automatic, fast and personalized answers
  • it will create valuable information about how customers respond to companies’ products, helping companies in understanding their customers and improve their satisfaction.

SOMA offers several innovative developments and differentiating elements with current market solutions:

Social media integration

The different social media channels will displayed in one single timeline. This will simplify community management tasks and will help in optimizing time.

Key opinion leader’s detection

SOMA will combine the analysis between non-linguistic information with linguistic information extracted from textual content.

Fine graned multilingual semantic analysis

SOMA will provide a more precise sentiment analysis output by using an emotional ontology approach.

CRM integration

The tool will allow companies to integrate social data with their CRM systems in one single database. This will allow companies to have wider user knowledge and improve their marketing actions.

Interactions categorization and automatic response

A finer classification of users’ comments will be carried out. Every single interaction will be automatically classified into: congratulation, acknowledgment, question, opinion, complaint and fake. This feature will foster time efficiency in providing feedback to customers.


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